Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Mickael Bech receives DKK 10 million to investigate the socioeconomic impact of policy instruments for health research dissemination

Mickael Bech, Professor, CEO, KORA – Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research has received DKK 10 million for his research project “Socioeconomic Impact of Policy Instruments for Health Research Dissemination.”

The objective of the proposed project is to evaluate the socioeconomic impact of policy instruments that apply, integrate and disseminate research for improving healthcare provision. The project focuses on three key policy instruments: specialty planning, clinical guidelines and capacity-building for research at hospitals. The qualitative research will be carried out at three selected hospitals that will undertake in-depth ethnographic field studies and interviews with different types of employees. The quantitative research will comprise impact studies using registry data.

“Research on health and disease can have a major impact on the population’s quality of life and may possibly also save money for society because research will make it possible to find several more effective treatment methods. There has not been much research on the impact of research. Together with our colleagues in the United Kingdom, we will contribute research on how knowledge can be translated into practice,” says Mickael Bech.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded the three grants under the Foundation’s Socioeconomic impacts of research in Denmark social science research programme that is being awarded for the second time. This year’s programme theme is the strengthening of evidence-based knowledge and the socioeconomic impact of research on health and disease at various levels.

Watch Mickael Bech explain his research.