Highlights from Societal impact of Novo Nordisk Foundation grants 2017
This brochure presents some highlights from the annual impact report showing the Foundation’s input of resources and the subsequent effects on research, health, and companies.
Evaluation of ISRIA 2017
The Foundation asked the ISRIA 2017 participants to complete a follow-up online survey conducted by the Foundation. This evaluation is based on this survey, which 39 participants completed.
ISRIA statement: ten-point guidelines for an effective process of researchf impact assessment
As governments, funding agencies and research organisations worldwide seek to maximise both the financial and non-financial returns on investment in research, the way the research process is organised and funded is becoming increasingly under scrutiny. There are growing demands and aspirations to measure research impact, to understand how science works, and to optimise its societal and economic impact. In response, a multidisciplinary practice called research impact assessment is rapidly developing. Given that the practice is still in its formative stage, systematised recommendations or accepted standards for practitioners (such as funders and those responsible for managing research projects) across countries or disciplines to guide research impact assessment are not yet available.
Øget støtte til forskning sætter gang i dansk videnproduktion
Forskning skaber ny viden. Viden som kan styrke både sundhed, velfærd og økonomi. Novo Nordisk Fondens øgede støtte til offentlig dansk forskning har i 2015 bidraget til 2.341 videnskabelige artikler - svarende til 10 % af alle videnskabelige artikler udgivet i Danmark på et år. Danmark ligger nu på en andenplads i Europa i antal artikler pr. indbygger - en topposition der kan være med til at styrke Danmarks konkurrenceevne i fremtiden.
Societal impact of Novo Nordisk Foundation grants 2016 - executive summary
The booklet contains highlights from the full annual report.
Societal impact of Novo Nordisk Foundation grants 2016
The report provides an overview of how grant-awarding activities support the Foundation’s ambition of promoting a knowledge-based society to improve the health and welfare of people. It documents the Foundation’s input of resources to the scientific communities and the subsequent effects on research, education, health and collaboration activities between research and industry.
Three socioeconomic impact analyses of investing in research in Denmark 2016
This publication summarizes some of the most important conclusions from a report (in Danish) on the economics of research – three socioeconomic impact analyses of investing in research in Denmark. The publication answers three questions:
What is the impact of public funding of private research within the life sciences?
What is the socioeconomic impact of changes in investment in public research?
What is the economic impact of adding researchers from abroad to the public research sector in Denmark?
Forskningsøkonomi 2016 (Danish only)
Analysis of the socioeconomic impact of funding research in the public sector.
Impact of the Novo Nordisk Foundation on public research 2015
This report measures the Foundation’s input of resources to the research community and the subsequent research activities in 2006–2015 and includes bibliometric analyses of how the Foundation affected public research in 2006–2013. Whenever possible, the report compares the performance of the grant recipients with the performance in Denmark and elsewhere.